Our Company Continues Implementation of the Integration Projects with IBM Integration Bus for Corporate Clients

Our company provides the services of organizing dedicated teams of programmers to implement projects with the integration of IBM product line for the corporate clients.

The aim of the project recently performed by our programmers for the telecommunication company was to optimize customer support system: to maintain its scalability and improve performance in order to satisfy the increased flow of users. In this case, the customer decided to implement the integration with IBM Integration Bus V9.0.More...

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DDT for Implementation of Transnational, Cross-marketing Software Solutions on ASP.NET MVC for Sales and Marketing Industry

Our company offers the customers arranging the dedicated development teams for development of integrated enterprise systems and applications, which possess high flexibility and resiliency, with the support of the multilingual content with the purpose to be used by a large number of users from different continents.

We create applications for both online work, and to support the internal activities of the company. In addition, we have extensive experience in the integration of systems developed by us for the customer's individual business needs with existing at the enterprise third-party systems. Our main goal - to provide the customer the necessary software products that optimize and automate his business.More...

Android \ iOS Mobile Applications Development with Wireless Standard Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Support

PNN Soft provides to the clients requiring additional IT-staff organizing dedicated development teams, including teams for enterprise level mobile solutions development with Bluetooth Low Energy standard (BLE) support. The result of experiencing with the Bluetooth Low Energy standard is developed by our experts several Android and iOS mobile applications. These projects include a project implemented Sports Sport Gear Tracker mobile app for Android. At present, our app was rated by more than 10 million users from around the world, and we plan to continue to develop this project.More...

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Android / iOS Mobile Games Development by PNN Soft based on the Unity3D Technology

Our experts of the dedicated development center (DDC, DDT) dealing with the Android / iOS mobile applications creation has reached a new level of mobile apps development - now our company provides services on custom mobile games development.

For the development of mobile games, we use a proven platform Unity, which is a flexible and powerful development technology to create a multi-platform 3D and 2D-games and interactive content.

When developing mobile games, our specialists clearly follow the customer requirements, in addition, we advise the customer the best technology, as well at the effects, animation etc. to make mobile game more fun and fascinating to users.More...

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Complex Cross-platform Applications by PNN Soft Company Based on Amazon Web Services

Dedicated teams of software engineers at our company are engaged in software development projects of complex cross-platform applications using custom infrastructure platforms AWS (Amazon Web Services), as well as cloud-based products Amazon: S3, SES, SNS.

Teams successfully implement custom web-based systems and web-based applications using AWS development environment. We have completed following projects based on this technology:More...

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JavaScript Based Framework AngularJS for Custom Web Applications’ Interfaces Development

Our company offers services to create a custom web application from the scratch based on the latest technologies.

We widely use such technologies as: Java (Java EE), C # (.Net), C ++, as well as the range of IBM, Oracle, Microsoft product line. Our teams of experts are constantly improving their skills, learning new modern technologies and frameworks, such as JavaScript framework AngularJS. AngularJS is MVC-framework (model-view-controller) based on JavaScript provides new advanced features to create sophisticated dynamic interfaces for Web applications through the extension of the HTML dictionary. More...

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Web Applications Development by PNN Soft using Ruby on Rails Technology

Experts of PNN Soft company are using modern and reliable Ruby on Rails technology while the development of web applications and web services. Ruby on Rails provides an architectural pattern, multi-level framework for the construction and development of web applications using the database.

The framework is based on the architecture of the Model-View-Controller (Model-View-Controller, MVC). More...

Automated Applications Testing by PNN Soft at Software Development, Controlled by BDD (Behavior Driven Development)

Our company pays much attention to working process with its clients, we investigate their business to ensure that customers are satisfied with our high-quality software.

Modern technologies, software development methodologies, including development with Behavior Driven Development (BDD), Test Driven Development (TDD) and other technologies, help our specialists in creating custom high quality software. More...

PEGA PRPC and Pega Mobile Business Process Automation for Banks and Financial Enterprise

PNN Soft provides services of enterprise business process automation based on PEGA PRPC 6.1-6.3 platform delivering complex BPM projects in Banking and Finance sectors.

Our Pega team consists of: More...

Java, .Net Software Applications Development and Testing Applying the Model Dependency Injection

Our experts use advanced and reliable technologies for custom software development and quality assurance of the implemented systems. One of the principles of object-oriented design and programming used by our programmers is the Dependency Injection model (DI).

Our work experience using DI model includes  various DI libraries, one of them is Ninject. This tool is simple and easy to use, in addition Ninject requires minimum configuration for its operation that allows our programmers to reduce development time.More...